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Join our winning team

We are at our best when we work together.

We are members of one team, creating and sustaining CIPFA as a stand out organisation in the way we behave and the quality of what we deliver for the public, members, customers, each other and everyone with a stake in our work.

Globally, CIPFA shows the way in public finance by standing up for sound public financial management and good governance. We work with donors, partner governments, accountancy bodies and the public sector around the world to advance public finance and support better public services. Find out more about CIPFA’s work in our latest press releases.

As team members we actively collaborate across the boundaries: we innovate to improve how things can be done and see through the changes to make them happen: as professionals we use our knowledge and expertise to add value - for each other, customers, members and stakeholders: aware of the big picture we are focused on planning and prioritisation to deliver our work, each one of us is accountable, taking personal responsibility and holding each other to account. We utilise our internal social media platform Yammer to share news and ideas.

We understand that we are only as good as the people we have… And we have great people.

One CIPFA Behaviours

We have identified the behaviours that will make us successful.

Collaborative - We actively collaborate across boundaries to agree and deliver shared goals.

Innovative - We constantly come up with new ideas to improve and make them happen. We work in new ways to be more efficient and effective.

Professional - We use our knowledge and expertise to add value for customers, members, stakeholders and for ourselves.

Focused - We plan, prioritise and deliver all our work with the big picture in mind.

Accountable - We take personal responsibility. We challenge and hold each other accountable.

See full details of the CIPFA Behaviours here