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Lisa Forster

Forename: Lisa

Surname: Forster

Job title: Principal Consultant

Expertise: Local government, Education finance and academies, Transformation




Lisa is a CIPFA qualified accountant, and has worked for the institute since 2008. She joined as a finance advisor in CIPFA Networks, and more recently moved across to the advisory team. Her two areas of expertise are in education finance, particularly academy accounts and assurance, and also in local government transformation around the consideration of alternative service delivery models.


Lisa has authored and contributed to a number of CIPFA publications in these two areas, and is currently working onsite with local authorities in examining different delivery options. She has also been instrumental in creating CIPFA's Transformation Hub which draws together a wide range of resources to support authorities along their transformation journey.

She is a CIPFA Trainer delivering a wide range of courses including accredited qualifications over a number of months and one day bespoke events. Lisa sees the biggest challenges for local authorities in the short term as being how they decide the most effective and efficient way of meeting demand and balancing the books, while maintaining or improving service performance.