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The Education Estates Working Group

Education Estates Working Group

The Education Estates Working Group (EEWG) was formed in February 2019. Its membership comprises a number of leading education sector and professional organisations that are working together to raise awareness, promote good practice and provide support to schools in respect of all estates issues.


Chair – Tim Reade, CIPFA

Secretary - Jane Lowrie, CIPFA Associate

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Our vision

Our aim is to develop and provide a single voice for schools’ estates issues and to provide a central hub for identifying and coordinating estates related training specifically for the school sector.

EEWG was established in response to the increasing awareness of the importance of schools’ estates issues. The Department for Education published its Good Estate Management for Schools in April 2018, and in doing so consulted with different support organisations individually. It was felt that as the organisations collectively represented a significant proportion of schools in England, it would be beneficial to work together to raise awareness, promote good practice and support schools to identify and source training needs/opportunities. EEWG would also be able to represent the views of the sector through an appropriate interface with the Department for Education.  

School Estates Competency Framework

Recognising the absence of a specific schools focused estates competency framework, the EEWG is producing this to reflect the seven main estates functions reflected in the Department for Educations Good Estate Management for Schools guidance. 

Each of the seven estates functions will have its own dedicated competency workstream. These will be made available as they are produced under the Documents and Estates Competency Framework section. The workstreams are designed specifically for those delivering estates, property and infrastructure outputs within schools. 

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