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Financial Management Code: Silver Package


Boards, chief executives and their management teams need to be on top of everything that they can control, in order to ensure their organisations are financially and operationally resilient.

This package supports organisations to embed good financial management principles and has been introduced alongside the Financial Management Code (FM Code).








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This package offers excellent value for money and includes both the FM Code, the accompanying guidance notes and a series of webinars:

1) Financial Management Code

The core part of the package is the FM Code. The code provides guidance for good and sustainable financial management in local authorities and provide assurance that authorities are managing resources effectively.

FM Code >

2) FM Code Guidance Notes

The guidance notes provide deeper analysis, illustrations and practical guidance on the implementation of the FM Code.

Guidance Notes >

3) The FM Code webinars

A series of webinars offer support through a mixture of training and strategic overviews. At least three webinars will be available online for download at your convenience. The webinars are only available as part of the package and cannot be purchased individually.

If you have purchased the package or are a current publications subscriber you can access the webinars here.