Responding to COVID-19: insight, support and guidance

Internal Audit Special Interest Group


This group is made up of internal audit practitioners and helps CIPFA to promote internal audit in public services. It supports the development of internal audit thought leadership and provides a forum for issues of interest to internal auditors.

Special Interest Group Membership

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Address your queries and feedback to Milan Palmer, Policy Support Officer. If you would like to be considered for group membership, please send a summary of your CV and a note of your key areas of interest.

What's going on?

The IASAB has developed guidance to support heads of internal audit and individual internal auditors in the UK public sector.

It has the backing of all of the UK Relevant Internal Audit Standard Setters (RIASS).

IASAB guidance: Conformance with the PSIAS during the coronavirus pandemic

A further information paper on how internal auditors are doing things differently during the pandemic will be issued shortly.

The Relevant Internal Audit Standard Setters (RIASS) have agreed a new and revised set of Public Internal Audit Standards (PSIAS) that came into force on 1 April 2017.

Papers from the Special Interest Group

The Group operates virtually with a plenary session of the full group each year. 

Internal Audit Special Interest Group Agenda 10 July 2017 (PDF 146KB)

Internal Audit Special Interest Group 10 July 2017 Notes of Meeting and Action Points
(PDF 156KB)



CIPFA-Penna: Interim Head of Internal Audit

Competitive day rate: CIPFA-Penna: Head of Internal Audit | Local Government | Interim for approx. 6 months | agile / remote working | developing, re-working and executing audit plan North West England