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Certificate in Financial Reporting for Academies

Gain the knowledge and skills to play a key role in the financial management of academies

Who is the programme for?

In order to be considered eligible for the programme you must:

  • have or plan to have a key role in the management of school/academy finances
  • currently work in a local authority, the Department for Education, an academy, or a school that is intending to convert to an academy within 12 months
  • be working in an organisation with an interest in supporting academies financial management

What will I be studying?

The course covers the following units:

  • Unit One: Overview of academy reporting requirements
  • Unit Two: The financial statements explored
  • Unit Three: The performance statements explained
  • Unit Four: The balance sheet
  • Unit Five: Cash flow statement
  • Unit Six: Accounting policies and notes to the accounts
  • Unit Seven: Interpretation of accounts

How long does the course last?

You will have access to two mock exams and have three separate attempts at the live exams. Duration time to complete the course will be six months from the start date.

The next cohort will begin the course on the 15th September with an introductory webinar.

How much does it cost?

£720 (including VAT)

How to apply

Download and complete the application form, then send to