Whilst its students are predominantly adult, CIPFA recognises a duty of care. CIPFA safeguards the welfare of its students by providing a safe learning environment across its venues including online environments.

CIPFA takes this duty seriously. Special arrangements and considerations are taken into account for exam purposes, but this duty also covers the study period up to the exam and throughout our students’ time with CIPFA.

Studying the CIPFA PQ is a major undertaking in its own right. Combine this with work, personal matters and family considerations and it soon becomes clear that it will be a stressful time for any student. This is before we consider any impact from a global pandemic.

As such there are structures and resources available to CIPFA students who feel they may need extra support. Contact can be made via your tutor or work-based learning coach, but you can also contact CIPFA’s Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSOs) as below.

alison sweeting Alison Sweeting: – 020 7543 5622

helen woods Helen Woods: – 020 7543 5622

nicola campbell Nicola Campbell, Safeguarding Lead: – 020 7543 5655

Your DSOs may be contacted if you have a concern about your own studying, about a fellow student or about anything that occurs during your study.

There are also resources available, such as regular wellbeing webinars, available to students. Details of these may be found in the safeguarding policy.


Webchat is only available Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 17:00 (excluding UK bank holidays)