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CIPFA Networks: new subscriber offer

To ensure CIPFA is supporting local government and beyond as much as possible in these difficult times we are offering an introductory offer for organisations taking out a new subscription for any of our CIPFA Networks.

If you take out a brand new subscription before 31 December 2020, you will receive up to 18 months of subscription for the cost of just 12 months. 

You will receive all the benefits of that subscription right through until 31 March 2022 - but for the cost of just a 12 month subscription. So the earlier you take out your new subscription, the higher the saving.

Do ensure that you talk to us about the best combination of networks and support for you, your team and your organisation.

The benefits of joining CIPFA Networks

CIPFA Networks offer a range of support to those working across the public services and to finance-related areas in particular. All are run by experts in their field and as a subscriber you – and anyone in your team or wider organisation have access to exclusive, specialised Network events, technical advice and a range of online resources.

 CIPFA Network Lower tier  Upper tier 
Better Governance Forum  £1,840.00  £2,135.00
Insurance   £510.00  £510.00
Procurement and Commissioning  £400.00  £400.00
Finance Advisory  £2,730.00  £3,530.00
Treasury Management  £610.00  £1,215.00
Alternative Service Delivery   £430.00  £430.00
Benefits and Revenues   £970.00  £970.00
Pensions   £3,155.00  £3,155.00
Social Care Advisory 
 £1,500.00  £1,500.00
Finance Advisory (Fire and rescue)   £1,450.00 £1,450.00
Scottish Finance Advisory  £860.00 £860.00
Welsh Finance Advisory  £1,135.00 £1,135.00

Above prices do not include VAT.

To review the current service plans, please visit each individual network page above by clicking on the links. Or for an overview of Networks, if you haven't already visited, view the Networks page.

Further discounts will be applied if you purchase three or more networks. Discounts start at 5% and increase up to 25% as you purchase more networks. Discounts are applied on a value ranked basis. 

When you purchase a new network subscription, you will also be able to save even more money by buying discounted pre-paid places to events run by your purchased network. Each pre-paid place can be used for a full day event.

  • 1 - 15 places: £290 each 
  • 16 - 30 places: £245 each 
  • 31 plus places: £195 each 

Next steps

Please contact our Networks team to discuss your best options for you, your team and your organisation:- 


T: 020 7543 5600