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Reference material

Limits on Indebtedness Determination 2018

The lifting of the cap on HRA borrowing from 25th October 2018. 

Housing Revenue Account Manual (DCLG, 2007)

The HRA Manual remains the extant guidance for dealing with property transfers to/from the HRA.

Item 8 Credit and Item 8 Debit (General) Determination from 1 April 2017

The Item 8 Determination sets out the permitted debits and credits to the HRA balance in England following the five-year transition period, including the arrangements for depreciation, impairment and valuation changes from 1 April 2017 onward.

The Housing Revenue Account Self Financing Determination

English regulations for the introduction of the HRA Self Financing Model at 1 April 2012 – includes the Item 8 Determinations covering the five-year transition period to 31 March 2017.

Housing Finance under Self-Financing (CIPFA, 2013)

This CIPFA publication provides guidance to assist those working in the sector to understand local authority housing finance under the self-financing system introduced in England in 2012.

The Rise of Local Housing Companies – LHC Summary Report – The Smith Institute October 2017

This topical piece of research can be read in conjunction with the subscriber material on how to set up a local housing company.

Temporary Accommodation – A Briefing Pack Prepared for the Debate in the Housing of Commons on 7 November 2017

This briefing pack has been prepared for a Backbench Business debate on temporary accommodation.

Local Authority Direct Provision of Housing December 2017

Local authorities are engaging in the provision of housing through a wide variety of mechanisms and means. This report focuses primarily on the extent of this activity, considering local authority motivation and means, particularly in relation to the creation of companies to achieve local housing objectives. During our research we have become aware of the momentum that is behind this engagement, with 30 local housing companies created in 2017 alone.


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