Social Care Enhanced Insights

Combining data and bespoke workshops to improve adult social care and children's services

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With the current economic environment and the added strain of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been more important for finance and social care professionals to provide improved service outcomes and meet the needs of users. A key step in achieving this is by understanding and establishing a baseline for social care service delivery.

These improvements can result in reduced costs, transformation services for those who depend on it, and assurance to your communities and stakeholders. A collaboration between CIPFA and Peopletoo, our Social Care Enhanced Insights allow finance and social care professionals to use data to identify opportunities for improvement and make informed decisions to achieve your goals — delivered as efficiently as possible.

What does CIPFA's Social Care Enhanced Insights offer?

The service comprises a dynamic dashboard that can be easily accessed, supported by two facilitated workshops with Peopletoo and CIPFA, with write ups from each workshop offering further insights to help you understand the opportunities available to you.

We can help you to:

  • understand your organisation's costs, demands and performance
  • review performance trends and identify areas for improvement
  • network, exchange insights and good practice
  • further inform discussions with your integrated care system
  • highlight opportunities where savings could be made through better management of costs and demand
  • gather key management information and provide assurance in comparison to other regional local authorities and to nearest statistical neighbours

The accompanying two hour workshops will:

  • provide a detailed understanding of performance and costs, including comparisons against statistical neighbours and best practice
  • delve into the detail of what your benchmarking data means, considering local context and your current financial plans and transformation programmes
  • explore the potential challenges and opportunities to improve performance, outcomes and to better manage costs
  • produce actionable insights on financial savings, service improvement for social outcomes and assurance of existing costs, savings plans and growth projections

Benefits of using the dashboard include:

  • improved logical structure, making data clearer and easier to navigate
  • clearly-described visual representations with significances highlighted
  • data selected and presented in an analytical manner, allowing for a greater focus on key social care metrics such as the unit costs
  • visuals showing local, regional and statistical nearest neighbour changes
  • an industry-approved questionnaire allowing for more bespoke and insightful data to be collected and analysed
  • future outlook and predictions, offering insight into future developments
  • insight reports highlighting areas of high and low service performance based off of bespoke rankings


The cost of the Social Care Enhanced Insight package is £3,750 for the first year for early subscribers.

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