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Forename: Alison

Surname: Dewhirst

Job title: Police Advisor, Police Network

Expertise: Police




Alison has worked in and for policing for over 25 years since her first days as a researcher for City of London Police and has experienced an incredible amount of change in the sector over that time. She runs the CIPFA Police and Fire Network, running events and writing publications. Alison also manages the CIPFA Police and Fire Panel and oversees the coordination of its sub-groups.

She works closely with colleagues in the CIPFA Policy and Technical team, the Networks team and across CIPFA on a whole range of finance and governance related issues affecting police and fire services.

Email:, Tel: 07769 673927


Alison is passionate about the practical aspects of policy implementation, analysing how initiatives fit together in the bigger picture of policing as a whole. During her time at CIPFA, Alison has endeavoured to examine these issues and to share good practice being developed by forces and consider their application to other areas through the CIPFA Police Network.

Alison was involved in the financial and governance aspects of police reform and the introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners in 2012. Recently she has also become involved in work in the Fire and Rescue Service and is very keen to explore the opportunities and the risks from closer working between the two sectors, especially against the challenge of continuing austerity and the question of financial sustainability.

Alison has an honours degree in Economics from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and a Master’s degree in Politics (public policy) from the London School of Economics and Political Science.