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Enrol on CETC courses

CIPFA learning


If you are interested in studying as an apprentice contact us before you book.
You can search for courses by location, module or course delivery type.
If you haven't already logged in or registered on the website you will be asked to do so as part of booking.
If your organisation is paying for you then you must book using your Business role.
If a Purchase Order number is required by your organisation you will need to enter it during booking.
If you want the invoice to go to a specific person in your organisation you can specify this in the final stage of the booking process.

For UK-based students, hard copy materials will be distributed in the classroom for students attending face-to-face classes, or posted to your membership address if you are studying via our live web classes. Please check that your address is up to date by going to MyCIPFA.

For students based outside the UK, and for self-study and self-study plus students, materials are provided in soft copy only on the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

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