Integrating care

A hub where integration comes to life

CIPFA is committed to supporting health and care organisations to meet the challenges of improving public financial management within integration. We want to facilitate a positive impact on population health and wellbeing outcomes in places across the country.

Our integrating care hub is a free-to-join community of key partners, coming together to maximise collective efforts and thinking, share experience, shape policy, and inform the wider health and care sector. It will be a space where solutions are found for local government and the NHS as they embark on the next phase of the integration journey.

Making integration count

The government's approach to integration, as set out in a health and social care White Paper, focuses on prevention, and a recognition of the importance of place – the engine of closer alignment between health authorities.

However, it raised as many questions as it answered. What is the best way to effectively align or pool budgets? How do authorities set appropriate governance arrangements? Is it possible to align national and local outcomes?

Integrated Care Systems

As part of these government reforms, integrated care systems (ICSs) will become statutory bodies from July 2022. This could do much to drive needed change across the health and care sector. These bodies will incorporate integrated care boards, integrated care partnerships and place-based partnerships.

If integration is to be a success, these questions need solutions. Read more about the hub, and the challenges of integration.

Roundtable: Putting the principles in place?

Download the briefing

This briefing builds on a roundtable discussion where senior finance professionals from across the NHS and local government discussed aspects of the integration White Paper published earlier this year. It highlights key messages around place, prevention and partners; the wider landscape and aligning policy; shared outcomes; and finance for integration. We intend to build on this in a further publication, drawing on case studies and good practice to provide solutions.

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