Who is in the CIPFA Student Network

The CSN committee is made up of students and newly qualified members from across the UK and Europe.

Elected officers 2023/24

  • President – Harriot Winfield
  • Vice President – Morgan McIntosh
  • Past President – Lin Liu
  • Communications Officer –Vacant
  • Honorary Secretary –Vacant
  • Honorary Treasurer –Megan Clark
  • EDI Lead - Vacant


The CIPFA Student Network are currently recruiting for Honorary Secretary, Communications Officer and EDI Lead . If you would like more information regarding these roles or any volunteering role within the CIPFA Student Network please see the below role descriptions.

Should you wish to volunteer for a role within the CIPFA Student Network please complete and return the below Expression of Interest Form to CSN@cipfa.org



About the CSN committee

  • Harriot Winfield – President

CSN roles previously held: Vice President
Region: North East
Employer: NHS


  • Morgan McIntosh – Vice President

CSN roles previously held: EDI Lead
Region: South East
Employer: London Borough of Barnet


  • Megan Clark – Honorary Treasurer

Region: Yorkshire & Humberside
Employer: Leeds City Council


  • Lin Liu – Past President

CSN roles previously held: President & Vice President
Region: South East
Employer: Cambridgeshire County Council
Stage of Qualification: Qualified 2022

Webchat is only available Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 17:00 (excluding UK bank holidays)