Police Financial Resilience Index

Prepare for the future with scenario planning

The Police Financial Resilience Index is a brand-new tool developed by CIPFA. It draws on 28 different metrics related to a force’s financial position to give a comprehensive overview of financial resilience. 

You can adjust a broad range of sliders to find out how your resilience score would change under different scenarios.

As a user, you will see your own data and all other forces’ data in an anonymised format. This has been done to respect the sensitivity of information relating to financial resilience.

How to access the Police FRI 

  1. Go to https://analytics.cipfa.org/ 
  2. Click on the green Login button
  3. Sign in to your My CIPFA account
  4. On the left hand side select “Public Protection”
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Police Resilience Index.”

Developed in partnership

The tool has been developed with the assistance of the AFEP data working group, which has now merged with the financial management working group. A survey was used to calibrate the model and assign more/less overall significance to each of the metrics of financial resilience accordingly.

This tool will allow police forces to plan ahead and understand how their level of financial risk is changing, as well as exploring trade-offs in a scientific manner.


Most of the data that feeds into the tool comes from the Police Objective Analysis (POA) survey, which CIPFA runs every year to collect detailed data on forces’ budgeted spends. This is supplemented by streams from our smaller police actuals survey, as well as public sources such as the capital outturn return (COR) and revenue outturn (RO).


Below is a sample of the tool and the information it contains. To arrange a demo, please contact samuel.shelver@cipfa.org, or analytics@cipfa.org.