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The Alternative Service Delivery Network (ASDN) offers guidance and support to public sector organisations implementing new ways of delivering services and identifying new income generation opportunities.

With continuing budgetary restraints, demographic change and service expectations, public services are increasingly being delivered through new and innovative vehicles.

Innovative service delivery can include trading companies, joint commissioning partnerships, shared services, leisure trusts and joint ventures. All these challenge how practitioners carry out their day-to-day tasks.

Public sector practitioners need to develop new skills that allow them to generate innovative thinking and identify and implement better and more efficient ways of working compared to traditional models.


ASDN offers the latest innovative thinking and ongoing support through:

  • a wide selection of original workshops and seminars with pre-purchased places, as well as training courses
  • technical support and guidance on alternative service delivery arrangements from expert advisors and commercial managers
  • timely updates on new ways of working and information on how these will affect your job role, service delivery and your wider authority
  • sharing of knowledge and best practice with peers where alternative service delivery arrangements can be explored
  • exclusive website access – a wealth of published information including regular briefings, monthly newsletters and updates, as well as current and past event presentation materials
  • 15% discount on all other open training events (ie those not assigned to this network)
  • opportunities for networking, career development and CPD

Our Experts

Mohamed Hans

Mohamed Hans

Procurement Network Advisor

Mohamed joined CIPFA in 2004, after working as a senior commercial solicitor for a number of West Yorkshire local authorities. He is an expert on the European Public Procurement Rules, and has written extensively on this topic. He has also developed widely-used practitioner toolkits. He is also invited to speak at conferences (UK and abroad) and is often the first point of contact for practitioners understanding complex procurement issues. He manages the CIPFA Procurement and Commissioning Network, which has nearly 100 member authorities.


Tel: 07717 345188.


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