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Treasury Management In The Public Services: Code Of Practice and Cross-sectoral Guidance Notes (2021 Edition)


This code has been developed to meet the needs of local authorities (including PCCs and fire authorities), registered social landlords, further and higher education institutions, and NHS trusts, in order to provide a clear definition of treasury management activities.

Code Of Practice On Local Authority Accounting In The United Kingdom: Guidance Notes For 2021/22 Accounts (book)


These guidance notes offer constructive advice and assistance to practitioners and external auditors on all aspects of the detailed application and implementation of the Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting in the United Kingdom 2021/22. The guidance notes are your expert support in dealing practically with the preparation of the year-end financial statements and reports that accompany them.

Effective Governance Of Collaboration In Policing


This publication is a guide to good governance in police collaboration arrangements.

Code Of Practice On Public Sector Pensions: Finance Knowledge And Skills


The updated Code of Practice on LGPS Knowledge and Skills for 2021 provides an overview of the standards that all CIPFA members must adhere to when administering and managing pension funds and benefits on behalf of employees and scheme members. This also includes a focus on the increasing need for knowledge and skills for all parties involved and ongoing maintenance of this knowledge.

Pensions Knowledge and Skills Framework


This Framework provides supporting guidance for administering authorities in applying the standards of the Code of Practice on LGPS Knowledge and Skills. It reflects the most recent developments concerning knowledge and skills and promotes good governance within the LGPS.

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