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Business Cases and Costing Techniques for Finance Staff

A one-day training course delivered by subject matter experts, at your location.

How to book

Contact us on E: InHouseTraining@cipfa.org or T: 020 7543 5600.

About the programme

The input of finance staff into the business case process is often limited. This is because it is either the domain of one or two specialist accountants, or the costing requirements are undertaken in isolation. Finance staff should be aware of the whole process and how the finance element is integral to decision making. 

This one-day training course explains the Treasury 'Five Case/Better Business Case Model' with a focus on the technical/accounting aspects required as part of the options appraisal process.

The course will also help you understand and calculate costs affecting your organisation and how to employ costing techniques as part of decision making processes. This includes classification of costs, cost drivers, apportionment, absorption and the considerations of economic versus financial appraisal.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at finance staff who wish to improve their costing and business case knowledge.

Format and duration

The course includes facilitated group discussions and exercises using case studies and examples.

The day normally begins at 09:30 and ends at 16:00 with breaks for lunch and refreshments. This can be adjusted, depending on your needs.

Extend your learning

If you are interested in developing your knowledge further, have a look at our Better Business Cases Foundation and Practitioner qualifications.

Course content

Below is the typical course outline, which can be tailored to meet your and your team’s needs.

Public sector business cases

  • Why business cases are important in the current climate.
  • Reflecting on the business case frameworks you and other delegates have used.

Best practice

  • An overview of the Treasury “Five Case/Better Business Case Model”.
  • A focus on the “financial case” as part of the Five Case Model.

Costing techniques

  • Choosing the right approach for the task in hand.
  • Classification of costs, cost drivers, apportionment, absorption and other considerations.
  • Cost benefit analysis including multi-criteria analysis will be discussed with delegates undertaking weighting and scoring exercises.

Economic versus financial appraisal

  • Understanding the main differences between economic and financial appraisal and when they are relevant.
  • Financial modelling and economic sensitivity analysis.

CPD hours

This course carries seven CPD hours.

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