Duty to inform and self-reporting

All members and registered students have a duty to co-operate with the institute including a duty in certain circumstances to self-report.

Bye-law 32A and your duty to co-operate with the institute

Bye-law 32A sets out members' and registered students' duties to CIPFA in respect of providing information and cooperating with our regulatory objectives.

This bye-law is a cornerstone of effective regulation. It includes:

  • a duty to provide all information relative to membership, practice or employment which the Institute may reasonably require
  • a duty to provide full and prompt co-operation with disciplinary and competency related investigations and in relation to the practice assurance scheme
  • a duty to bring to the attention of the Institute facts which suggest that a member or registered student may be liable to disciplinary action.

Guidance on the last of these duties (PDF, 79 KB) has been issued by CIPFA Council.


The CIPFA duty to inform includes a duty on members and registered students to self-report where a member or registered student has acted in a manner which makes him or her liable to action under the institute's disciplinary scheme.

This would include where a member or registered student has:

  • breached an institute guide to conduct, principles or rules (whether or not professional)
  • conducted him or herself in such a way as prejudicially to affect the status reputation or welfare of the Institute
  • been guilty of misconduct

A member or registered student is guilty of misconduct if he/she has:

  • acted in a manner which has brought or is likely to bring discredit on the profession
  • been convicted of an offence in relation to which a sentence of imprisonment may be imposed
  • been the subject of a finding of dishonesty or fraud in any legal proceedings
  • become bankrupt or made any arrangement or composition with his or her creditors generally

The institute's guidance regarding convictions and court findings and guidance regarding bankruptcy and IVAs provides information for members and registered students about self-reporting in such circumstances.

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