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Cash Flow Toolkit

CIPFA's Cash Flow Toolkit is a key tool for many authorities in producing their statement of accounts.

As local authorities and their finance teams continue to operate with reduced resources, there is a complex challenge to produce the statement of accounts quickly and accurately. CIPFA's Cash Flow Toolkit makes your accounts closure process more efficient and offers assurance that you are complying with the requirements of the latest Code of Practice

Benefits and features 

The Cash Flow Toolkit will help you produce an accurate cash flow statement and easily auditable working papers in record time. The toolkit will help you to:

  • calculate all cash flow statement items from existing financial statements and notes, ensuring figures are entered only once to reduce errors and omissions
  • identify areas requiring further analysis elsewhere in the financial statements and working papers
  • promote a structured approach to the preparation of the cash flow statement to ease the audit process.

The Cash Flow Toolkit costs £1000 for a one year licence or £1500 for a three year licence.

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For any enquiries regarding the product please contact our customer services team on T: 020 7543 5600 or email the Toolkit team  to discuss the Cash Flow Toolkit.