AssetManager.NET software

CIPFA’s AssetManager.NET is a web-based software for capital accounting and the management of property assets, designed specifically for public sector organisations.

Benefits of AssetManager.Net

  • All your data is stored in the one system, no more spreadsheets to manage and no more chances of these corrupting.
  • The system runs off cloud-based software (SaaS), hosted by CIPFA in AWS (Amazon Web Services). This allows for better accessibility across the team and there is also no need for manual updates or installations as this is managed by the system on an ongoing basis.
  • CIPFA regularly updates the system to ensure you are always fully compliant with the latest Code of Practice. IFRS 16 is used as the standard.
  • Access to a UK-based help desk facility.
  • Over 140 system reports available and a bespoke report writing tool.
  • API Integration options available, so you can use your AssetManager.NET data in other systems.
  • The option to add additional modules to enhance your reporting including, Detailed Lease Information or Property Asset Management modules. 

Features of AssetManager.Net

Capital Accounting & Valuation – including IFRS 16 functionality

This feature handles the accounting entries to fulfil CIPFA's accounting requirements for tangible fixed assets as well as your intangible assets as outlined in the Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting.

Componentisation of all assets within the software is enabled in accordance with CIPFA LAAP Guidance.

Detailed Lease Information Module

This module provides the option to store comprehensive data on agreements including:

  • Agreement type
  • Rent details including reviews
  • Service charges
  • Decoration schedules

All aspects of the agreement can be stored alongside the landlord or tenant details.

Historic records of previous agreements in a specific managed record can also be maintained including details of vacant periods of properties.

Property Case Management Module

Manage property lease workflow throughout departments in one centralised location. This module allows data to be recorded from various sources such as Valuers and Legal departments and includes email notifications for authorisation and status updates.

Property Asset Management Modules

A suite of modules to store data and schedule further action.

  • Asbestos Register
  • Compliance Survey
  • Condition Survey
  • Water Hygiene Survey
  • Works Order

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